General questions

What is

MicrosoftPass is a group of professional IT certification exam sitters dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with our customers. We are happy to offer free advise on taking, studying and passing IT exams. Our IT Professionals share their knowledge on Microsoft and Cisco exams in easy to use PDF and VCE files.

Currently we do not sell any software for opening VCE files, nor do we troubleshoot or support it. Our PDF files can be opened with free software which we are happy to help you find, for the VCE files you will need to source the Visual CertExam Software from its developers Avanset, which we are in no way associated with.

What exactly are VCE files?

VCE stands for Visual CertExam Software, this software realistically simulates the IT exam environment. Giving you a realistic and convenient way to study and prepare for IT exams from the conform of your own home. If you have seen IT exam simulators before, it will most likely have been a VCE files the software was using. If you need help finding the VCE software please get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction.

Can I upload VCE files?

You cannot upload VCE files directly, you can however email VCE files to us and we will be happy to review them and add any missing questions to our braindumps. This will help us improve our service and help the IT Community share knowledge and grow.

Who can download the files

These files can be downloaded by individuals for personal use to either learn more about a subject or in preparation for an IT exam. Our files are for non-commercial use or resale, the use of our braindumps in this way is not permitted. We reserve the right to block users suspected of reselling our exams at our discretion, without notice.

How many files can I download per day?

Our exams needs to be purchased individually, because of this there is no daily limit on the quantity you can purchase. If you plan on purchasing over 10 in one order, please gt in touch with us first, and we may be able to offer you some discount.


About VCE Files and Software

What is VCE file?

VCE stands for Visual CertExam Software, this software realistically simulates the IT exam environment. This format is widely used by individuals and IT Professionals all over the world, it is widely recognized as the preferred way to prepare and study for IT exams,

Where do I get VCE Exam Simulator?

The VCE exam simulator software can be purchased from its developers… Avenset. MicrosoftPass is not associated in any way with Avanset, for purchase, usage, or technical support you will need to contact them directly.

Can I convert PDF files into VCE?

PDF files can be converted into VCE files with a free program called Exam Formatted. VCE files can be converted to PDF files using the Avenset software. We do not sell or support an software, so you will need to source these programs yourself.


Technical Details

How do I register with Is the registration free?

Our service doesn’t require registration, nor does it support it. Our PDF and VCE exams files can be purchased indiviually using only a PayPal account, if you do not have one, you can use the PayPal guest checkout and enter your card details.

How do I receive my files after purchase?

Our system is fully automated, after you have made a purchase using PayPal. Our system will email your files to you PayPal email address within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not recieve your files within 24 hours please contact us.

Do you offer refunds?

We do offer a full refund without question if you fail your exam using one of our exam files. You will need to provide your score sheet to prove you have taken, and failed the exam.

How long will I receive updates after purchase PDF and VCE exam files?

General we do not provide free updates after purchasing our products. If you purchase exam files from us and we update that exam within 30 days, we will usually send the update out for free if you ask. After the 30 days you will need to purchase the exam files again.

How often are your exams updated?

We update our exams on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean we update every exam on a daily basis, that means we are updating some exams on a daily basis. We work around the clock to keep up with exam question changes. And strike to keep them as accurate as possible.


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